Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally back!

It's been way too long between posts ... however, I'm back!!!  I should of written earlier ... I should of written about the exhibition, especially since it went so well.  So I'll give a very belated run down: opening looked great; friends, family and locals dropped in for a look and we all enjoyed a bright sunny afternoon.  All artists involved sold pieces, and the gallery space extended our stay for an extra month ... which meant to show was up over Easter as well.

Angie Polglaze's Bug Girl keeps guard to some of my photos.

The exhibition was finally pulled down at the very start of May with an invitation for us to return next year!!  Angie is on a roll now  (exhibition wise) and will having a solo exhibition later on this year in Melbourne.

As for myself ... at times I've hardly had time for creativity ... which isn't good at all.  I've been trying to at least keep up with the photography where possible and I have started the 365 project which sets you the challenge of taking a photo a day and uploading it to their site.  It's great for inspiration and a lovely community of photo mad people.  I'm relatively new to it and admittedly I've already fallen off the bandwagon at least once due to work and study commitments, but I'm loving the concept of it, and I love that it gives me the excuse to take photos.

Photos aside, I also need to look at other creative pursuits ... it's winter time now in Melbourne and it's really been quite cold.  Which is perfect weather for snuggling up and doing some art and crafts ... or even better for firing up a ceramics kiln.  And I still have plently there I want to explore ....