Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creating with Nature

Spring means warmer weather, flowers, lush gardens and with all the rain we've had in Melbourne, a rather over grown garden.  Unfortunately it also means weeds ... lots and lots of them.  And weeds mean time away from other things.  I don't mind it too much really, as I enjoy spending time in my garden and I'm gradually creating a urban haven for myself.

My garden creating is more of a long term project with various experiments and set backs along the way (like harsh drought summers).  It's still in a very early stage really with my of its form still in my head or scribbled as sketches and plans on pieces of paper.  But I guess garden is creating with nature, and nature really can't be controlled ... it does what it wants to when it gets the chance.

This spring I have managed a lovely crop of orange and purple poppies ... some of which even grew through a crack in the driveway!  That's nature, doing it own thing ... reclaiming.